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Dedicated, industry-specific trainingSPT Training

You want to work with a training company that understands your company culture and the challenges your team faces. Our style is to get to know you and your company well, through meeting with your managers and field travelling with members of your team. We take the time to get to know you, how you operate, and your specific challenges, to deliver you carefully tailored training / workshops.

All SPT courses are based on practical experience and work through real issues that affect sales people and companies. Special attention is given to developing a “tool kit” of skills for each individual that can be applied to real life situations. Using this tool kit, positive and lasting changes can be made in the way they do their job - he or she becomes more effective faster.

Courses are kept small to ensure full and active participation; no more than four people in an open session. The focus is on practical application of skills using role-plays designed by delegates, so they are as real and relevant as possible. Course manuals are comprehensive and provide a basis for continuing development.

Over the years, SPT has worked with more than a hundred companies, most on a regular basis - coming back for more is a sure sign that the product meets requirements.

General Information on Courses

Open or In-House Training?

Open courses provide the opportunity for individuals to attend professional and high quality training / coaching, at an affordable price. We still take the time to get to know you, field travelling if appropriate, and so tailor the courses to individual needs. For companies with four or more staff requiring training, it's more cost effective to go with in-house courses. This also gives you the opportunity to focus exclusively on your team and your company needs. You can even select elements from different courses to further tailor the workshop / training.

Open training is run on a regular basis, with a maximum of four delegates.

Standard Course Details

Standard courses are available in four main areas: SALES; MARKETING; CUSTOMER SUPPORT; and MANAGEMENT.

The thirteen most requested courses are detailed.